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May 21, 2009

What Is The NCCI Class Code 8810?

This is the most popular question that we receive about the NCCI Classification Code system. Classification Code 8810 is the Administrative/Clerical code that is used in all 50 states, including the monopolistic states. It is usually the least expensive code as employees that fall under the Class Code are considered very low risks for a Workers Compensation accident.

The 8810 Class code is what is referred to as a Standard Exception. I will cover Standard Exceptions in the next post. NCCI class code 8810 is an all encompassing code. There are very many job titles that would fall under this code. Class code 8810 is not just for administrative assistants.

We have performed quite a few workers comp audits for employers where a large number of workers were included under the 8810 code that more than likely could have been classified under another code. The insurance companies' Workers Comp Premium Auditors have become very adept at reclassifying employees out of the 8810 Class Code into other more expensive class codes.